ProActionClinic a mené plusieurs années de recherches et de synthèse de nombreux travaux scientifiques et a mis au point le coussin extensit.

Extensit est la bases d’une nouvelle stratégie d’approche des troubles posturaux et des maux de dos qui y sont probablement liés.



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The extensit pad by proActionClinic can help you in the treatment of numerous functional pathologies seen every day in offices  such as lumbalgia,  groin,  hip,  knee pain dorsalgia, cervicalgia...

the extensit  pad induces extension of the lumbar vertebrae ; this  takes the intervetebral disc away from the posterior nervous structures and provokes an improvement of the capacities of regeneration of the intervertebral disc.

Supine, the sacrum is maintained by the nose of the extensit pad,  vertebral column is extended, so the two ilium bones  gently glide along the sacrum and go down which induces iliosacral joint counter-shear.
And especially : this counter-shear is bilateral. Due to « muscular serie », induced  muscular relaxation following counter-shear can also benefit to cervical mobility (rotation) and to hip mobility which can involve better knee extension due to simultaneous psoas muscles stretching. This supports a new concept for treating altered postural strategy.

Stretching iliopsoas muscles is not easy ; proposed exercises show often no benefit or are unperfectly executed and, indeed, maintaining stretching position for an adequate time is often uncomfortable and consequently shows no efficacy.

The Extensit pad induces a posture allowing a gradual, gentle, painless stretching and with programmable duration. The sacrum is maintained by the nose of the extensit pad, the vertebral column is extended, so the two hip bones and the coxofemoral joints gently go down : the iliopsoas muscles stretch slowly.
And especially : this stretching is bilateral.

We recommand this psoas stretching to be combined with hamstring stretching.

Extensit pad can be used in complement with other medical treatment.

Please strictly see and perform fundamental test before using extensit pad, follow instructions for use and contra-indications.






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