ProActionClinic a mené plusieurs années de recherches et de synthèse de nombreux travaux scientifiques et a mis au point le coussin extensit.

Extensit est la bases d’une nouvelle stratégie d’approche des troubles posturaux et des maux de dos qui y sont probablement liés.



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sport ruimte

Back pain ? Groin pain ? Hip pain ? Knee pain ? Chronic harmstring (back thigh muscles) strains ? significant time out of sport and activity ?… maybe iliopsoas muscle is the  key ? or even iliopsoas muscles ? these muscles not only play a role on hip mobility but also are to be considered as stabilizers of vertebral column :   asymmetry of iliopsoas (frequent in sport participants as shown in studies) could alter function of vertebraes, hips or even knees and be responsible for  injuries.

Consequently,  it’s clearly important to stretch and equilibrate these  iliopsoas muscles.

Unfortunately, stretching  iliopsoas muscles is not easyFrown ; proposed exercises show often no result  or are unperfectly executed and,  indeed, maintaining stretching position for an adequate  time is often uncomfortable.

The Extensit cushion induces a posture allowing a gradual, gentle, painless stretching and with programmable duration.Laughing
The patient may remain clothed, removing the belt. Supine, the sacrum is maintained by the nose of the cushion,the column is extended, so the two hip bones and the coxofemoral joints gently go down : the iliopsoas muscles stretch slowly.
And especially : this stretching is bilateral

Extensit cushion can be used in complement with  other medical treatment : see scientific studies and  speak to your therapist !






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